Our Boys


Our boy Butch came to us from Chris and Jackie Avila owners of Avila Made Frenchies. Butch is an exceptional boy with excellent breeding. He is proven with two natural bred litters.

He is a direct son of Luxx (Utmost Frenchies) and Harley (Avila Made Frenchies). Butch is DNA health tested and

4-panel clear. He is a cocoa masked fawn and carries chocolate, blue, cream, solid, 2 copies intensity with no pied, no brindle.

This guy has the sweetest chillest personality!


This is Rodney, he is one of our future studs. He is the son of our Butch and Zoey. This little guy is solid cocoa but appears black. He is the calmest guy you could ask for. Rodney carries blue, chocolate, cream, mask, with 2 copies of intensity, no pied, no brindle. Rodney’s health DNA is 4-panel clear.


This is Buck he is an Isabella merle carrying fluffy and one of our future stud dogs. Technically he is a double lilac masked tan point merle. He carries cream, 2 copies of tan points, 2 copies brown, 2 copies dilute, 2 copies cocoa, and fluffy. This little guy came to us from Frenchies of Sacramento with stacked DNA. He has Prime Time, King Kong, and Chaos blood to name a few. Buck was DNA health tested and is 6-panel clear.


Skip was the one who started our Frenchie obsession! This guy is amazing. He is a blue masked fawn. Sadly, Skip won’t ever be a dad, he has an elongated pallet that we don’t want to pass down to our babies. But he certainly deserves a spot on our page. He is the greatest of the great when it comes to personality, patience and love. He is our Skippy and we love him unconditionally!